Silent Sky

Audition Dates

Monday, Dec. 13, 2021   7:00 PM

  Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021    7:00 PM

217 East Superior Street, Alma
The Strand Theater


Private auditions can be arranged, if necessary. Call or text Mike Klahre at 763-4716 to arrange.


Play synopsis – Silent Sky tells the true story of Henrietta Levitt, an aspiring astronomer in the early 1900’s working for the Harvard Observatory charting stars. The play shows the challenges and obstacles, both professional and personal, Henrietta faces as she eventually makes a discovery that changes astronomy forever.




Henrietta Levitt – 30s – brilliant, meticulous, excited – almost always wears a hearing aid.


Margaret – Henrietta’s sister- 30’s – homebody, creative, sweet and smart.


Peter Shaw- 30s - the head astronomer’s apprentice, college lecturer, Henrietta’s love interest.


Annie Cannon  - 40’s – the leader of the star charting group, intelligent and tough-minded with a hidden heart of gold, becomes a suffragette.


Williamina Fleming – 50’s – colleague of Henrietta and Annie – smart as a whip, warm-hearted, Scottish.

Scripts are available for perusal. Call or text Mike Klahre at 763-4716 or send an email to  to get a copy.