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From The President:

Theatre is an art dependent on community – it takes many people with myriad talents and skills to create what we experience as audience members. I have had the joy and privilege to work in community theatre since I was a child and was taught by my father that “professionalism” in theatre art was a matter of attitude – the necessary combination of work ethic, a willingness to learn, as well as a love for the whole of what we were creating together. Our audiences…and this art form…deserve nothing less.


Some folks may dismiss community theatre as “amateur,” meaning that it can’t possibly be as good as “professional” theatre – aren’t all of these people mostly volunteers? We are – but you should know that the cast and crew embody both my father’s sense of professionalism as well as the root meaning of the word “amateur” - we do this for the love of it. We do this as an opportunity to work together to bring a story to life on the stage; to impart an experience of truth and beauty to our audience…our fellow meaning-makers.  


In theatre, there are “no small parts, only small players,” meaning that all the roles are important and worthy of honor in making theatre, from the lead actor to the person running spotlight. Without the staff, artists, technicians, and crew behind the scenes, the play doesn’t happen…it literally all falls down. They are too often the unsung heroes in our theatre-making but so deserving of our applause and gratitude.


The Gratiot County Players hope those of you who have been waiting in the wings to get involved with this theatre-making organization will decide to step on the stage. If performing on stage isn’t your thing, we have great need for folks with talent and/or interest in the areas of costumes, set building, lights, and sound. We have skilled staff in all these areas who are willing to teach volunteers.  These areas are in rather desperate need at this time – so please don’t hesitate to step forward! You could help secure the future of this theatre. If you are interested, go to the “Volunteer” dropdown on this website.


Doug Ballard


Gratiot County Players


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