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Photos located by John D. Haller, Roger Allman, Doug Ballard

Memories of the Strand

The second picture down that reads "Alma Theatre" is not the Strand at all. During the 30's and 40's, there were 2 theatres in Alma.
There was the "cheapie theatre," that boasted 10 cent admission, called the "Idlehour" down the street, where Bob Moore Flowers is now. The name of that theatre was changed at some point to the "Alma Theatre."

Thanks to Roger Allman for this information.


It has often been thought that the Strand was haunted.
The photo to the left, taken with a night scope equipped camera show several luminescent orbs. There can be
little doubt these are spirits who inhabit the theatre. One
of them, no doubt, is Grandpa Brewster.

This photo courtesy of Roger Allman. The photo shows the world premiere of the movie "The Long, Long Trailer," starring Lucile Ball in the 1950's. Alma was known as the "Mobile Home Capital of the World" back then. The mobile home shown in the photo was actually used in the movie. Rita Moreno and Piper Laurie, two up-and-coming movie stars, were present at the premiere.


This is an old photo of the first owner of the Strand. Although no name was associated with the picture it looks eerily like Al Bartholomew.

The Great Fire that nearly destroyed the Strand.


Folks lined up to see a show at the Strand, date unknown.

GCP 1989 production of "The Mousetrap"
Directed by Nancy Peska


Ron Vibbert, who portrayed the part of Giles Ralston
is the uncle of Sean Francis, who portrayed the same character in the 2006 production!


GCP 2006 production of "The Mousetrap"
          Directed by Jennifer Pellish

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